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Goal of this application is to provide the basic tracking functionality of YellowFox to third party software.




Goal of this application is to provide the basic tracking functionality of YellowFox to third party software. Easy use and strong security were scopes during development. The user send commands via http to servers and receives the answers, positions, maps via the same way.

RTI can be used for example to:

  • Query of vehicle positions
  • change of tracking settings
  • configuration of displays
  • send orders and messages
  • receive order states


RTI must be activated from our support. Please feel free to contact them. You can then access the rti interface settings via extras → rti interface. There you are able to generate the needed keys for authentication.

Base address or

Description of functioning

The authentication at rti interface is realized by rti keys. You can find these in the user portal via extras → rti interface. Your access owns two central keys: the company key and the import key. Furthermore you are able to generate an own key for each vehicle and vehicle group. Depending on the rti function, you will need a specific combination of keys. You can find information about that in the documentation of the respective function. The keys are distinct per company.

A rti key is a hexadecimal key. It will be generated at random and can be re-generated as often as you want. For vehicles you might also generate a custom rti ident, but these can only be used via 2-step authentication.

Rti keys have to be send with each request. They are not included in the responses.

Following keys are important to login via YellowFox:

  • company: This key is always mandatory. It identifies your company.
  • import: This is kind of an universal key. It can be used to insert new data via the interface or access data of all vehicles.
  • vehicle: Identifies a single vehicle. Can be given in multiple formats:
    • as basic rti key
    • as rti ident: This is a 2-step authentication. Additionally you have to add a matching group key.
      • format: {"type":"car_ident","groupKey": "RTI_GROUP_KEY","ident": "RTI_IDENT"}
  • group: Identifies a vehicle group and all vehicles assigned to it, as far as they own a rti key themselves. If you use a group key make sure that all vehicles you want to access have a rti key!
  • Date, to prevent caching

Execute as ?company=HEXKEY&vehicle=HEXKEY2

Error codes

If "ERROR:Text" is returned. "Text" contains the error description. You can find possible error codes  here.

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