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 At return "ERROR: text"  "text" contains a error description.

Process errors

  • ERROR_TOO_MANY_REQUEST (not more than one request every 15 seconds, only for functions ending with ".asp", enabling this limit for  ".php" will be done for the future, but not scheduled yet)
  • ERROR_$Parameter (parameter not correct)
  • ERROR_MISSING_$Parameter (parameter missing) 
  • ERROR_MISSING_COMPANY (key for company authentication is missing)
  • ERROR_MISSING_SESSIONKEY|VEHICLE|GROUP (there is no parameter given of 3 possibilities)
  • ERROR_MISSING_SESSIONKEY (parameter "sessionkey" is missing)
  • ERROR_MISSING_VEHICLE (parameter "vehicle" is missing)
  • ERROR_MISSING_GROUP (parameter "group" is missing)
  • ERROR_MISSING_DISTANCE (parameter "distance" is missing)
  • ERROR_MISSING_CYCLE (parameter "cycle" is missing)
  • ERROR_MISSING_RADIUS (parameter "radius" is missing)
  • ERROR_MISSING_CUSTOMORDERID - own order number is missing
  • ERROR_MISSING_ORDERTEXT - order text is missing
  • NO_CARS_FOUND - No vehicles were found. This is probably due to the fact that no vehicle in the selected group or the whole company has an RTI key. Only vehicles with RTI key are also found in the interface.
  • ERROR_ORDER_NUMBER_TOO_LONG(MAX_20_CHARS) - own order number is too long, maximum 20 chars
  • ERROR_STREET_TOO_LONG(MAX_100_CHARS) - street name too long, maximum 100 chars
  • ERROR_HOUSENUMBER_TOO_LONG(MAX_100_CHARS) - house number too long, maximum 100 chars
  • ERROR_ZIPCODE_TOO_LONG(MAX_10_CHARS)- zip code too long, maximum 10 chars
  • ERROR_CITY_TOO_LONG(MAX_100_CHARS) - city too long, maximum 100 Zeichen
  • ERROR_COUNTRY_TOO_LONG(MAX_3_CHARS) - country too long, maximum 3 chars
  • ERROR_DISPATCHER_TOO_LONG(MAX_100_CHARS) - dispatcher too long, maximum 100 chars
  • ERROR_LATITUDE_MISSING - latitude value is missing
  • ERROR_LONGITUDE_MISSING - longitude value is missing
  • ERROR_LATITUDE_NOT_NUMERIC - latitude value must be a number
  • ERROR_LONGITUDE_NOT_NUMERIC - longitude value must be a number
  • ERROR_LATITUDE_NOT_IN_VALID_RANGE(-90_TO_90) - latitude must be in range of -90 to +90
  • ERROR_LONGITUDE_NOT_IN_VALID_RANGE(-90_TO_90) - longitude must be in range of -90 to +90
  • ERROR_TARGET_TIME_IS_INVALID - length of given date is not correct
  • ERROR_TARGET_TIME_IS_NOT_A_DATE - given date has a wrong format
  • ERROR_FORMULAR_NOT_ALLOCATED_BY_VEHICLE - given formular is not assigned to hardware
  • ERROR_FORMULAR_NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_HARDWARE - hardware dosn't support orders with attached user defined formulars
  • ERROR_ORDER_TEXT_TOO_LONG(MAX_300_CHARS) - order text too long, maximum 300 chars (ATTENTION: Estimated arrival time and adrress are at begin of message at Garmin devices. It reduces maximum number of chars of order text.)
  • ERROR_COMPANY (company authentication not correct)
  • ERROR_VEHICLE (commited car identification not correct)
  • ERROR_GROUP (commited car group not correct)
  • ERROR_DISTANCE (parameter "distance" not correct)
  • ERROR_CYCLE (parameter "cycle" not ocrrect)
  • ERROR_RADIUS (parameter "radius" not correct)
  • ERROR_NETWORK - for this company is one or multiple network profiles for RTI assigned and the network address of the request is not granted

  • ERROR_DUPLICATE_CUSTOMORDERID (order number duplicated, action cannot be performed)
  • ERROR_ORDER_NOT_FOUND (requested order cannot be located)
  • ERROR_TEXT_TOO_LONG (order text and own order number together exceed 350 chars)
  • NO_TIME_CONFIG_FOUND (No timerecording config found/timerecording not activated)

  • ERROR_GROUP_NOMEMBER (the requested car group doesn't contain any car)
  • ERROR_MAINTENANCE (currently not available by maintenance reason )
  • REQUEST_NOT_FOUND (internal error)
  • ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_HARDWARE (this action is not supported by hardware of the car)
  • ERROR_VEHICLE_NOT_SUPPORTED_ONE_TIME_DETECTION (vehicle not supported one time detection)
  • ERROR_SEND_ONE_TIME_DETECTION (one time detection could not be sent to vehicle)
  • ERROR_PERSONGROUP_FAILED (Personnel group/persons could not be loaded)

Server errors

  • TIMEDOUT (DB-Timeout (500-100))
  • UNKNOWN (unknown error (500-100))
  • NOTFOUND (command doesn't found (404))

Pay attention, that all RTI requests never should generate a server error. These kind of requests will deliver a 200 OK in HTTP protocol. If another response code is thrown, it cannot be fixed by debugging of RTI interface logic.

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