Sets the correction factor for distance calcularion for a vehicle. This can help vehicles which calculate their odometer based on GPS values to improve their precision.


GET vehicle_settings/set_odometer_correction_factor.php?company=COMPANY_RTIKEY&vehicle=VEHICLE_RTIKEY&correctionFactor=FACTOR

Requirements and restrictions

This function is supported by all boxtypes, which are able to track odometer values based on GPS. This includes the YellowTracker 100 to 620, as well as the YellowTracker mobile Xtreme. Vehicles imported by OEM interfaces or mobile apps are not included. Some boxtypes support odometer values imported via Digitacho or Squarell. If such a box has set its odometer source to something else than GPS, you will not be able to set a correction value. These odometer sources should be preferred for getting precise odometer values. You can change the odometer source at the portal at vehicle-based settings. 


companyRTI company keystring
vehicleRTI vehicle keystring
correctionFactorcorrection factorfloat

Correction factor to be set.

Hast to be between 08. and 1.2.


Return value

A string will be returned. Will return "OK" on success. On error "ERROR:description" will be returned.

Example calls{"type":"car_ident","groupKey":"GROUP_RTIKEY","ident":"VEHICLE_IDENT"}&correctionFactor=1.8
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