Allows editing the meta information of a single file from file storage.


GET   /file_storage/modify_file.php?company=RTI_COMPANYKEY&import=IMPORTKEY&file=UUID&action=action


companyRTI company keystring
importRTI import keystring
fileUUID of requested filestringYou can receive this value via file_storage/get_overview.php or a sreturn value from file_storage/upload_file.php, if the file was directly uploaded via RTI.yes
actionaction typestring

possible values:

  • BIN: move file to bin
  • DELETE: delete file permanently (attention: This removes the file permanently so it can not be restored!)
  • RESTORE: restore a file from bin
  • RENAME: change shown name of file
  • MOVE: move file to another directory
namenew name of filestringonly relevant if action "RENAME"(yes)
pathnew path of filestring

only relevant if action "MOVE"

Format: folder/subfolder/.../target folder (separated by /)

Root does not have to be specified. To move the file to root directory, just leave the param empty.

Paths are case insensitive.



On success you will receive "OK". On missing parameters or errors you will receive "ERROR:description".

Example calls

set a new name name

move file
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