Returns the states of the messages.


GET get_messages.php?company=RTI_COMPANYKEY&vehicle=RTI_VEHICLEKEY&language=deu&datefrom=YYYYMMDD&dateto=YYYYMMDD&timefrom=HHMMSS&timeto=HHMMSS&filter=1,2,3&sessionkey=ABABABABABABABABABABABABABABAB&format=xml&mode=insertdate



companyRTI company keystring
vehicleRTI vehcile keystringvehicle or import or group parameter(yes)
groupRTI group keystringvehicle or import or group parameter(yes)
importRTI importkeystringvehicle or import or group parameter(yes)
startbegin of requested timerangedatestringformat: YYYYMMDDHHMMSSyes
endend of requested timerangedatestring


max. timerange is 7 days

filterfilter the type of messagesinteger

1 = answer received
2 = confirmation message sent
3 = display off
4 = yes/no message sent
5 = message already exists
6 = message received
7 = message read
8 = message deleted
9 = message could not be sent
10 = message with response templates sent
11 = delivered
12 = delivery attempt

more than one filter have to separate with a comma

languagedefine output languagestringsupported params: deu (standard), gbr, ndl, fra, itano
 formatresult formatstring

format of the result from the interface

supported formats: csv (standard), xml, json


sessionkeySessionKey from "do_message.aspstringthis field or datefrom and dateto are mandatoryyes
modeRequest of historydate or insertdatestringhistorydate (standard) or insertdateno

Possible message status

delivery attemptThe message left the YellowFox data center.
deliveredThe message has arrived successfully on the display.
display offThe display can not receive the message because it is off.
message already existsThe message can not be recached, because it already exists.
message receivedA message has arrived in the portal, which was created on a display.
message readMessage was read on the display.
message deletedMessage has been deleted on the display.
message could not be sentThe message has not reached the display, further delivery attempts are not carried out.
message with response templates sentThe message was sent with reply templates.
yes/no message sentThe message was sent with a yes-no option as a response.
confirmation message sentThe message was sent with a confirmation option.
answer receivedA response from the display has been received.


By default, a CSV string is returned which contains the evaluation for each message. If the mandatory parameters are missing, an "ERROR: Description" is returned.

CSV format


SeparatorSemicolon ( ; )
DelimiterDouble quote ( " )
Line break0x0D 0x0A (CarriageReturn LineFeed)
HeaderLine 1



DATEdate of the executed actionformat: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
STATEdescription of the action
SOURCEaction trigger (person)
SOURCENAMEaction trigger (system)
SESSIONKEYsessionkey of message
REQUESTDATEsystem time of requestformat: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
INSERTDATEsystem time of processingformat: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
TEXTcontent of the message

result as CSV
""2016-12-02 13:09:15";"confirmation message sent";"PORTAL";"Disponent 1";"";"2016-12-05 10:17:15";"2016-12-02 13:09:20";"Message 1";"Ident1"
"2016-12-02 13:08:25";"yes/no message sent";"PORTAL";"Disponent 1";"";"2016-12-05 10:17:15";"2016-12-02 13:08:15";"Question 1?";"Ident1"
"2016-12-02 09:09:15";"answer received";"PND";"Car 1";"ABABABABABABABABABABAB";"2016-12-05 10:17:52";"2016-12-02 09:09:20";"Answer 1";"Ident1"

XML format

result as XML
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE yf_getmessages SYSTEM "">
        <date>2016-12-02 13:09:15</date>
        <state>confirmation message sent</state>
        <sourcename>Disponent 1</sourcename>
        <requestdate>2016-12-05 10:17:15</requestdate>
        <insertdate>2016-12-02 13:09:20</insertdate>
        <text>Message 1</text>
        <date>2016-12-02 13:08:25</date>
        <state>yes/no message sent</state>
        <sourcename>Disponent 1</sourcename>
        <requestdate>2016-12-05 10:17:15</requestdate>
        <insertdate>2016-12-02 13:08:15</insertdate>
        <text>Question 1?</text>
        <date>2016-12-02 09:09:15</date>
        <state>answer received</state>
        <sourcename>Car 1</sourcename>
        <requestdate>2016-12-05 10:17:52</requestdate>
        <insertdate>2016-12-02 09:09:20</insertdate>
        <text>Answer 1</text>

JSON Format (RFC 4627)

result as JSON
{"date":"2016-12-02 13:09:15","state":"confirmation message sent","source":"PORTAL","sourcename":"Disponent 1","sessionkey":"","requestdate":"2016-12-05 10:17:15","insertdate":"2016-12-02 13:09:20","text":"Message 1"},
{"date":"2016-12-02 13:08:25","state":"yes/no message sent","source":"PORTAL","sourcename":"Disponent 1","sessionkey":"","requestdate":"2016-12-05 10:17:15","insertdate":"2016-12-02 13:08:15","text":"Question 1?"},
{"date":"2016-12-02 09:09:15","state":"answer received","source":"PND","sourcename":"Car 1","sessionkey":"ABABABABABABABABABABAB","requestdate":"2016-12-05 10:17:52","insertdate":"2016-12-02 09:09:20","text":"Answer 1","rti_ident":"Ident1"}]

Example call

Query by SessionKey{"type":"car_ident","groupKey":"GROUP_RTIKEY","ident":"VEHICLE_IDENT"}&language=deu&sessionkey=SESSION_KEY
Query by time range based,2,4,11&format=xml&mode=insertdate
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