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Creating a form entry for a specific form definition. Every form belongs to a vehicle, a driver and a time, when the form is valid and this has to be given when the form is created.


POST do_customdialog_data.php?company=COMPANY_RTIKEY&vehicle=VEHICLE_RTIKEY&driver=DRIVER_HEXKEY&form=formname&ts=timestamp&val1=field 1-value&val2=field 2-value&valX=field X-value


companyRTI Firmenschlüsselstringcomany RTI key is neededyes
vehicleRTI Fahrzeugschlüsselstringvehicle RTI key is neededyes



Time of the form is set.

The following format is needed: YYYYMMDDhhmmss

valXform entry field Xinteger

Each form definition has up to 10 field which can be send.

For every form you have to observe the form structure, because of the types and order of each entry.

Fields with pictures or signatures can not be set by this function and you let them free, also if they are mandatory.

yes, if mandatory field, if not it is optional

Field type formats

  • date: YYYYMMDD
  • time: hhmmss
  • integer: 0123456789
  • float: 123.4567890
  • text 10: text with the length of 10 characters
  • text 30: text with the length of 30 characters
  • text 500: text with the length of 500 characters
  • options field: text, which is one of the defined options of the form field
  • yes/ no-field: yes = 1, no = 0
  • pictures/ signatures/ forms: you send no value, this can not be set by this RTI function


The standard return is a "OK"-message, which marks the succes of the function. If a mandatory parameter is missing or values have a wrong format the retrurn message is "ERROR:Description".

Possible error Messages and their meaning:

"PARAMETER_TS_NOT_GIVEN" - no timestamp passed

"PARAMETER_DRIVER_NOT_GIVEN" - no driver key passed

"PARAMETER_FORM_NOT_GIVEN" - no form name passed

"PARAMETER_TS_INVALID" - timestamp is no correct date/time value

"PARAMETER_DRIVER_HEXKEY_INVALID" - driver key is not correct or is not existing

"FORM_NOT_FOUND" - no form found with this name

"WRONG_FORMATTED_FIELDS(Feldnummern)" - list of fields where the values are wrong formatted

"MANDATORY_FIELDS_MISSING(Feldnummern)" - list of fields, which are mandatory, but no value is passed

Example call

normale Nachricht an einzelnes Fahrzeug
example value-types:
1: text 10, 2: date, 3: time, 4: integer, 5: float, 6: options field, 7: yes/no-field, 8: text 30, 9: text 500, 10: yes/no-field{"type":"car_ident","groupKey":"GROUP_RTIKEY","ident":"VEHICLE_IDENT"}&driver=DRIVER_HEXKEY&form=FORM_NAME&ts=20171114120000&val1=Text&val2=20171231&val3=114500&val4=12345&val5=12.345&val6=Auswahl4&val7=1&val8=Ein%20l%C3%A4ngerer%20Text&val9=Ein%20noch%20viel%20l%C3%A4ngerer%20Text%20als%20Beispiel&val10=0
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